Starting anew… food and myfitnesspal

This is like my third start with MyFitnessPal (and unknown number of restarts at a regular exercise routine). I’m not a big fan of counting calories, but the few times I’ve worked with it it has helped me to become aware of what I’m doing right and wrong, and of the real numbers for what I’m eating.  I’ve been eating fairly healthy the last few years, cutting out as much sugar, gluten and dairy as possible, following more of a paleo diet.

But my seemingly ‘innocent’ little snacks had gotten out of control to the point where I began gaining weight without noticing. I stopped eating candy and desserts and my main ‘healthy snacks’ where )what I believed to be) a low sugar Dutch salt licorice, and organic, gluten free rice chips and guacamole from Whole Foods.  But then a few would become an entire bag, and so on…  And occasionally (like last night) I would take my ambien and not fall asleep right away and suddenly an entire bag of beef jerky looked very appealing. (Which is still better than an entire bag of licorice 😉

Compound that with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, due to a number of reasons – multiple health problems, a spending several years taking care of an increasingly ailing older cat,  and finally developing an ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude’, and it’s all a recipe for bad health.

Even my scales seemed against me. I had three of them stop working since I’ve moved here, two just stopped, and the last one the batteries leaked within six months. So I’ve bought a very simple, one person, no extras (no BMI/body fat readout), extremely large display  Tanita scale which is supposed to be highly accurate and hopefully it will last more than a year, lol.

So now to find another 24 hour gym…