other projects

This blog is part of a large group of my various websites, including three other blogs

  • Fade to Zen
    Meditation, studying Buddhism, mindfulness and minimalism.
  • Wednesday’s Child
    My personal weblog with archives dating back to 2002.
  • TishKitty
    My adventures in gaming. Mostly Minecraft. I’m also into retro gaming, Playstation and Wii.


The main navigation for all of my sites is located at BeckyPlexco.com

They include

Gothickitty.com, for the love of my cats, past and present

Hipscarf Junkie, about bellydance, hooping and flow arts

and Morticia’s Morgue, all things macabre since 1997. My first website, with areas on Halloween, vintage macabre and cult TV, cemeteries and death, gothic lifestyle, witchcraft and women’s resources.

My professional photography website is Enigma Arts Photography